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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Know your Meat Man

Well folks; today I'm going to talk about some things I've learned since I began working for Schnucks Market at the meat case. The number one thing is that you should get to know the person behind the meat case where you are buying your meat. This person should become your friend. Learn their name and make sure they know yours. This person should be able to help you find the best cuts of meat, and just as important they know where the deals are.

Sounds like common sense, we like dealing with people we know and like, so making friends with the person you're buying meat from just makes sense.  Now to rule #2  buy from the meat case as much you can. The meat that is in the meat case is going to be the best cuts and is often the freshest. The cut that are less then perfect are wrapped and put in the self serve case. It does not cost more to buy from the meat case and you will get personal service and advice for free, also you can get items wrapped for the freezer just for the asking.

Rule #3 ask for advice. Be it how to cook a certain cut of meat or which cut is the best. The person behind the case should be able to guide you to the cut that will provide you the best tasting and also the best value for whatever you are preparing. Now not every meat case will be manned by a expert on how to cook every dish, but they should know enough if you tell them what you are trying to cook to guide you to the best cut, or know where to get the answer.

Rule #4, ask where are the deals? Thats right ask for a deal, the person on the case knows what they are overstocked in and has been marked down to sell quickly. If they know you and you are a regular  they are happy to share this info to their best customers. Also ask if you don't see what you want in the case. Often space in the meat case is limited so some cuts may not be on display and are only in the self serve case. Ask for a fresh cut to your specs. for a regular it isn't a problem and they should be happy to provide you what you want. Remember you have become a friend, and a regular to their case.

Last but not least when you get the extra service, be sure to say THANKS, a smile and a Thank you, will only make them want to give you that extra service next time.