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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sauce Review

Well folks, I'll start this post with a disclaimer. Frank Schmer is a customer and a friend so when he introduced his new sauce Frank's Freedom Sauce he gave me a bottle to try. I'll tell you the truth, if I didn't like this sauce I wouldn't say anything negative, I just wouldn't say anything. Luckily I get to tell you about a great sauce that I truly loved. There is one problem and I'll tell you that at the end of this post. I have told Frank and he is working to correct it.

Now to the sauce, Frank's Freedom Sauce is  only available in pint size jars. The label is something from the 1960's with the Hippy Peace symbol  and smiley faces. I liked it since the 60's are when I grew up.Woodstock happen along with the anti war movement and free love was the theme. Checking the label  it states that it is a cherry and apple blend bbq sauce. A check of the ingredients and the first ingredient is cherries, along with light brown sugar. So this sauce has something different from the norm. as cherries are leading the way. For the Apple part Frank is using applesauce. The applesauce make this sauce a little thick, not too thick but it is thicker than most bbq sauces on the market. The sauce has a nice dark red color and I found it to make my food look good when applied.

The first test for the sauce was when I got home and opened the jar. I took a spoon and tried just a small taste. I could tell the sweetness right away and noticed the thickness. It was good by itself but the  real test is will it make my bbq taste better. Next my wife grilled some bone in chicken breast while I was at work. I asked her to baste them with some of Frank's Freedom Sauce for our first taste test.WOW were we happy with what this sauce added to the chicken. I really couldn't get enough of this flavor. The next morning I fixed bacon. I LOVE BACON,  Bacon doesn't need much help in my book, but this time I added some of Frank's Freedom Sauce to my Bacon sandwich. Again this sauce made my food taste better. The next test was my ribs, I take a lot of pride in my ribs. I feel they are what I do best. I love cooking them and I have a routine that I use to produce what I think are some great ribs. So to be my go to sauce Frank's Freedom Sauce had to add something to my ribs. Got to say it did, great flavor, It added something to everything I tried the sauce on.

Since talking to Frank I found that a few competition teams are using the sauce in competitions. That means a lot. Because people that compete want to win.  A contest will cost a team anywhere from $500.00 to $1000.00 to enter. That is the cost of entry fees, travel expense,cost of meat and supplies. Teams spending that kind of money wants to hear their name called and get a check to help pay for the hobby of competition BBQ. Teams using a sauce in competition is a heck of a endorsement

Now to my only complaint. Frank's Freedom Sauce is not cheap. At $7.99 for a pint jar that puts it in the high priced area for most backyard pit masters. I know producing a sauce in small batches is going to be costly and using top ingredients add to the cost.  Frank is working reducing the cost and by producing larger batches he is hopeful that he will be able to reduce the retail price.

Bottom line,I found that Frank's Freedom Sauce is worth the price and I would urge you all to stop by St Louis Home Fires and pick up a jar. It will make your BBQ Better.