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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Helping People

Well folks it's been awhile since I have written anything to this blog. The truth is I have been busy with a new job and I had run out of things to say that I thought you may enjoy. But for those that have read this blog or follow me on facebook know I still have the passion for BBQ and I still lean to left in my politics. I believe we all owe our fellow man help when they find their self in need. So with that I had a idea for a new post. That is to ask you to support an new  non profit called Operation Barbeque Relief.

Operation Barbeque Relief came about after the tornado hit Joplin Missouri. You see people that BBQ at competitions can set up in a open field or a parking lot and start producing great tasting food quickly. We don't need electric and we can bring our own water supply.  So when a disaster hits a area BBQ teams can go there and set up their pits and be feeding people that have lost their homes, and also those that are volunteers that are there to help clean up. We very often have our pits and equipment ready to go and can hit the road in a short period of time.  So while the Red Cross is known for responding to areas that have been hit by disasters to help those in need find shelter and help them start the plan to get the aid they need. Operation Barbeque Relief can start feeding them and offer their encouragement.

Now a group like this needs to have some help paying for the food and supplies needed to feed those in need. It takes a lot of pans and charcoal, plate and utensils to put out a good meal to folks. That is the reason I'm writing this blog. When you see  people in need and wonder how you can help, this group is doing a great job and can use your help. Go to  and make a donation, you will be giving to a group that is doing a great job helping those in need.