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Monday, September 10, 2012

BBQ for Charity

Well folks, sometimes you BBQ for fun and sometimes you BBQ in competition. Well this past weekend I helped with a BBQ for charity. I truly have to say it was one of my most satisfying experiences. You see I really like it when you see a group of people coming together to raise funds to help people that need help. The St Louis BBQ Society is a group of people whose goal is to promote BBQ in St Louis Mo. They are doing a great job at that with sanctioning BBQ contests and training judges so the playing field is as level as possible for all competitors.

But they also expand their purpose by raising funds and donating to charities in the area. What a great day Saturday was; the weather was perfect! I arrived at the site to help set up and there were already 6 to 8 people there and working. I knew a few and after a few quick introductions to the ones I didn't know everyone went to work. Frank, with "A PIGS WORST NIGHTMARE", was the leader of this group and everyone followed  his lead doing what was necessary to get set up and start cooking. Soon the pits were in place and the fires were started. Next  the meat was prepared; the chicken cut up and seasoned. Once that was completed  a group got started seasoning the baby back ribs and pork steaks. It wasn't long until the sweet smell of smoke was in the air. Frank had the pork butts for pulled pork ready because he had started them Friday night. A couple of guys started pulling them  for the pulled pork sandwiches.What was really nice to see is when you get around cooks and especially competitive cooks together, egos could be a problem. Not here; everyone just went to work and worked to make sure we were going to produce some good BBQ that would represent the St Louis BBQ Society well. That I truly believe we did.

Soon there were cars pulling up and folks ordering; we made some deliveries to those that preordered. I'm not sure how much was raised, but it looked like a good fund raiser was in the works. I wasn't able to stay until the end, I had a family commitment., but you can be sure I'll be at the next one helping where I'm needed and hoping that it means someone in need is going to benefit. I love to cook BBQ just the thought that doing what I love to do could help someone makes it a little more fun.