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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well folks, the wife called me yesterday and said they were having a goodbye pot luck lunch for a couple of co workers that were leaving. I said I'll pick up a cake, to that she answered " No I already ordered the cake, I need you to cook something."  also saying she wanted to be impressed.

No pressure right, I asked what is normally served at these, answered with, standard fare chips dips and the last time someone brought chicken strips. Alright then it's time for me to make some MOINKS!!  Moinks for those of you that don't know are frozen beef meatballs wrapped with bacon and seasoned up and grilled until they are a tasty morsel.

So off to the store for a bag of frozen meatballs and a pound of bacon. The pot luck lunch is going to be a 11:45 AM. So got up this morning and at 9AM I got the kettle set up with a indirect fire and a cube of Mojo Hickory. While the fire was getting ready I started to prepare the Moinks. This is easy, take a half strip of bacon and wrap around each meatball and hold the bacon with a toothpick. After wrapping all the meatballs seasoned them with some brown sugar and a light dusting of cayenne pepper.

I used my GrillGrates for this, the grates work great keeping the Moinks up off the grill and makes turning easy.  Cooking Moinks is not hard, you just cook them until the bacon is crispy and then I like to put them in a aluminum pan with some Drapers Smokin sauce that  I added some honey to sweeten the sauce. I then moved the cooked Moinks into the pan of sauce to simmer.

At 11:15 took these to wife for the pot luck lunch. When she smelled the finished product she knew I did good. After the lunch she emailed me that they were a hit and there wasn't any left to bring home. I'm a little sad because I didn't try one before taking them to her. I just trusted the aroma I was getting while cooking them that they were going to taste great. Sounds like I was right.