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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Competing just for Fun

Well folks, my next two competitive events are non sanctioned cooks, and one doesn't even have a cash prize for winning just bragging rights. The first one is this Saturday in Clarksville Mo the Overlook Farms LUV-LUV BBQ contest and festival. Going to be cooking the dreaded chicken twice. Thighs and wings. The thighs I'll do like I do at a sanctioned contest. The wings I'm excited about because I'll be using a recipe being given to me from Tracy at Jac's Tailgaters. A new product I'm bring to St Louis and a new recipe hoping to WOW some folks with Jac's sauce with that Cajun Kick. Tracy assure me that this is a kick ass recipe. The third category is Pork Ribs that is what I consider my strength, so I'll be going with my standard cook for those.

The biggest change for this cook is I'm bringing my secret weapon. My wife Debbie is coming along to oversee the cook and make sure I do it right. Debbie does not have the same passion I have for competitive BBQ. She has been very supportive and is the one person I know that will tell me the truth when I practice  and need to know, if I made a improvement or should I stay with what I was doing. Sometimes the truth hurts but she gives it to me straight. She's just not into sitting outside on a parking lot or a field watching  smoke rise up from the pit. So I'm excited that she going this time and hoping there is other things going on at  Overlook Farms that she will enjoy.

The other event I'm doing is St Louis Home Fires  Throw Down on August  28. This is a event that Frank has been doing at his store that pits 2 Pit Master against each other cooking  3 items and presenting them to the people that attend and they vote as to who is that months Throw Down Champ. This month categories are going to be, Broccoli,  Fajitas, and Watermelon. Everything is cooked on the grill then you present them to the crowd after telling them how you prepared each item. I'll be going against Alan Bowman  who I know and admire as a very talented Pit Master. I'll have my work  cut out for me, but I m looking forward to the test.

So I got some thing going on this month and I'll be passing along how each one turns out.