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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This bears repeating

Well folks, I try not to repeat myself but I really believe this is important. As I have told you I only have two rules about BBQ.#1 Don't make anyone sick, and #2 Make it taste good. That's it, but with the extreme heat we have been having rule #1  is very important. You have to keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold. That means below 40 degrees for the cold food and above 140 degrees for the hot food. In this heat it won't take long for your cold food to get above 40 degrees and left out for a couple of hours and bad things can happen.

I can't think of anything worst then having something I prepared make someone sick. The football season is getting ready to start and tailgate parties will soon be happening. So along with keeping the work area clean and the hands washed please be aware of your food temperatures.  It looks like this heat is going to stay with us for a while and when you're preparing food outside you need to stay aware and be extra careful.

That's it for today, enjoy yourself and BBQ something  tasty this weekend.