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Friday, July 13, 2012

New products

Well folks, I have been working to establish myself as a outlet for retailers to find outstanding BBQ products in the St Louis marketplace. I started by bringing Mojobricks to St Louis and then I added Draper's Smokin Sauce and rubs. Both of these products are great and offer a fine value. I have found that  I really enjoy the BBQ world and the people involved with it, so I have been on the look out for additional products to introduce to St Louis.

I didn't want to just add anything, I wanted to find products that work and are a great value. Products that I use myself and can recommend with confidence. Well I have found MeatRake and Grill Grates. Both of these products are unique, in that they work,and do what they say they will do. While offering great value. These product are used by professional cooks and pit masters. But also are useful to the backyard cook.

The MeatRake is a fantastic tool to quickly pull pork, beef and chicken to make sandwiches and not burn your fingers. Grill Grates are grates that you put on top of your grill and along with making those great grill marks that you get at fine steak houses, they prevent flare ups that can ruin a meal. I found that they are a must have when using my gas grill to cook brats and chicken thighs that can flare up in a hurry and  have ruin a meal. You can learn more by visiting their web sites and

I will be telling you more about both of these products and where you can find them as I find retailers to start carrying them along with Mojobricks and Draper's Smokin sauce and rubs. Just know that as I add products you can have confidence that I have used them and found them to do what they say they will do and offer great value