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Monday, July 30, 2012

Shrimp on the Barbie

Well folks, this one will be short and quick but if you give it a try I promise a good meal in less than a half hour. The local super market had shrimp skewers on sale for a dollar a piece. These are frozen  and I picked up 10 of them with a box of Uncle Ben's wild rice. I now have everything for a quick meal that both the wife and I like.

Got home and fired up the gas grill, and get it up to medium high temp. Came inside and layed the frozen skewers out and season them up with some Cajun seasoning. I only seasoned them on one side since Debbie doesn't like them too spicy. If they were just for me I would have seasoned them on both sides.  After the grill gets up to temp I lay the skewers on my Grill Grates. Grill Grates are great for this they are made of high quality air craft aluminium and will leave some nice charred grill marks on the shrimp.

Now is the time to make the wild rice just follow the instructions on the box. As the rice is cooking keep turning the skewers. As these are frozen it takes a little time you want to to cook the shrimp until they turn white being careful not to overcook. Overcooked shrimp is rubbery.

Once the rice and shrimp are done plate up the rice and place 3 to 4 skewers on top with a small salad on the side and you have a delicious dinner and all done in a half hour.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

This bears repeating

Well folks, I try not to repeat myself but I really believe this is important. As I have told you I only have two rules about BBQ.#1 Don't make anyone sick, and #2 Make it taste good. That's it, but with the extreme heat we have been having rule #1  is very important. You have to keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold. That means below 40 degrees for the cold food and above 140 degrees for the hot food. In this heat it won't take long for your cold food to get above 40 degrees and left out for a couple of hours and bad things can happen.

I can't think of anything worst then having something I prepared make someone sick. The football season is getting ready to start and tailgate parties will soon be happening. So along with keeping the work area clean and the hands washed please be aware of your food temperatures.  It looks like this heat is going to stay with us for a while and when you're preparing food outside you need to stay aware and be extra careful.

That's it for today, enjoy yourself and BBQ something  tasty this weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Radio is FUN!!

Well folks, I did something for the first time last night and I had a ball. Shane Draper of Draper's BBQ has a internet radio show called Gettin Sauced. The show airs every Wednesday night at 7 PM. I have been listening to it for awhile now and I enjoy hearing  about what is going on in the world of BBQ. He always has some quests and they talk about what they do in BBQ and share some info.  It's a fun 2 hours and I get to learn how others are enjoying the BBQ world.

So for whatever reason Shane asked me to come on his show and he would interview me about what I do in BBQ and the BBQ community here in St. Louis.  I wasn't sure, but he said come on, "it will be fun" so I agreed  to call in and let him interview me.

So he told me I would be on in the second hour and to call in a couple of minutes before 8PM. Well I listen to the first hour with Jason Baker of Green Mountain Grills and I learned about pellet grills and how they are growing  in popularity.  Jason was great and had set the bar high for me to follow. So a little before 8 I called the show. I'm not a tech guy but I used my g mail  phone. Thinking I would use my headphones to hear better and it would be hands free. Sounded like a plan to me.

WRONG!! using the g mail phone caused a feedback problem. Shane couldn't hear me. Tried calling in twice, both times not good. So I grabbed my cell phone and called again. We got a connection that we both could hear each other. Bad start to my intro into the radio world.

It took me a couple of minutes to settle down from the phone not working , but Shane was a pro and took everything in stride. Throwing  me softball questions and letting me relax. After a few minutes I forgot that I was being interviewed and it felt like I was just talking BBQ with a friend. Which is really what I was doing.

The next thing I know the hour was up and Shane was thanking me for coming on and inviting me to get down to Kentucky to cook a contest with him. That is something I'm looking forward to doing and shake the hand of a very nice young man that guided me though my first radio interview. After the show my son and daughter in-law called and said I did good, my wife said I didn't do anything to bring shame to the family name. I got on facebook and couple of BBQ buddies that were listening, messaged me and said I did a good job.

So that's a short recap of my first experience in media. Bottom line. I liked it and hope to get the chance to do it again.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Busy

Well folks, it's been real hot here in St Louis, Mo. but I've been busy with adding new products to my line up  to bring into the St Louis market place. There's a saying that if you can make a living doing what you love, you never have to go to work. Well I love BBQ and I'm finding that the people  involved with BBQ are some of the nicest you will ever meet.

So I have been working to add new and great products to my line up that are looking to enter the St Louis market, and are looking for someone to knock on a few doors and show business's what they have to offer. This spring I started with Mojobricks and a few weeks ago I added Draper's Smokin Sauce and rubs. Now I'm excited to say I've picked some other great products that I will be talking about.

First one I'll tell you about is MeatRake. You can find out more by visiting their web site Lets just say if you like pulled pork and beef you should have this in your drawer. Makes pulling pork and beef a snap and no more burnt hands.

Next is GrillGrate. their web site is All I can say is WOW!!! This product makes flare ups on the grill a thing of the past. A must have for any gas grill and they work outstanding on your charcoal pit. The other added bonus they offer is outstanding grill marks on those steaks, burgers and brats. Makes every pit master look like a pro.

The next product I'm bringing to St Louis is Jac's Tailgaters. their web site is I will start bring Jac's to the market starting next month. You are really going to love this line up, they have a wide product line of Sauces, Dips and Marinates and Soup and Chili mixes. Jac's Tailgaters are from Louisiana so you can expect a Cajun kick when you give them a try.

The last one for now, is some time next month I'll will also be representing  Hot Box portable grills. Web site is This is a start up company that is making a portable grill that will be in demand for every tailgater and Camper that wants a quality grill that is portable, easy to set up and will last for years.

The last thing I'll tell you about is Shane at Drapers Smokin sauce and rubs has a radio blog . Gettin Sauced that airs every Wednesday at 7 PM and he has asked me to be a guest this Wednesday. So if you want to listen in and hear what is going on in the world of BBQ and find out more about what I'm trying to do. come check it out. Just goggle gettinsaucedblogradio and you can listen in Wednesday at 7PM  I should be on during the first hour sometime around 7:15.

Friday, July 13, 2012

New products

Well folks, I have been working to establish myself as a outlet for retailers to find outstanding BBQ products in the St Louis marketplace. I started by bringing Mojobricks to St Louis and then I added Draper's Smokin Sauce and rubs. Both of these products are great and offer a fine value. I have found that  I really enjoy the BBQ world and the people involved with it, so I have been on the look out for additional products to introduce to St Louis.

I didn't want to just add anything, I wanted to find products that work and are a great value. Products that I use myself and can recommend with confidence. Well I have found MeatRake and Grill Grates. Both of these products are unique, in that they work,and do what they say they will do. While offering great value. These product are used by professional cooks and pit masters. But also are useful to the backyard cook.

The MeatRake is a fantastic tool to quickly pull pork, beef and chicken to make sandwiches and not burn your fingers. Grill Grates are grates that you put on top of your grill and along with making those great grill marks that you get at fine steak houses, they prevent flare ups that can ruin a meal. I found that they are a must have when using my gas grill to cook brats and chicken thighs that can flare up in a hurry and  have ruin a meal. You can learn more by visiting their web sites and

I will be telling you more about both of these products and where you can find them as I find retailers to start carrying them along with Mojobricks and Draper's Smokin sauce and rubs. Just know that as I add products you can have confidence that I have used them and found them to do what they say they will do and offer great value

Friday, July 6, 2012

What's cooking

Well folks, it's 4th of July week and the heat has been on high here in St Louis Mo. We have had 10 straight day of 100 degree plus temps. Many of them were record breakers. So when it get this hot it's hard to get outside and fire up the grill or smoker. That would be for most of you, but not for me. I have gotten bit with this competition bug and the only way to get better is to fire up the grill and the smokers and cook up some meat.

There seem to always be a new rub or sauce recipe to try. Got to try foiling meat versus not foiling. Then there's injections have to try them at home to see if they are any good or do they make the meat too salty. You don't want to go to a contest and find out that the injection you used is making the meat too salty or maybe the rub you used just doesn't taste good. You have to always try to get better and be willing to try different things, but experiment at home not at a contest.

So while I did try some new things, I also cooked up some standard fare such as pork steaks and I even grilled some hot dogs that were great for a change of pace. A hot dog fresh off the grill and dressed up with relish and onions and a little mustard can be as good as a steak sometimes. Then add some cold watermelon and a cold beer and it just doesn't get any better than that. That's a real All American meal to celebrate America's birthday.

So I hope this week found you all well, and I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

 When I find a new rub, sauce or injection that makes my BBQ better you can be sure I'll pass it along.