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Friday, May 11, 2012

My BBQ Bucket List

Well folks; today I'll talk about my BBQ bucket list. These are the things I hope to do before I move on to whatever there is on the other side. I have done a lot of different things in my life already. I have drove a stock car, flown in a helicopter and also flown in a open cockpit bi wing airplane, and there are still a lot of things I hope to do and see before I'm gone. But as far as my newest passion of BBQ there is a lot for me to achieve, I like goals, gives me something to shoot for and a reason to get up everyday.

Now in the world of competitive BBQ there are many goals for me to achieve and shoot for. Number one but in no real order is I would hope to win a Grand Championship what a thrill that would be for me. To be judged the best on any one day against other Pit Masters that have the same passion for BBQ as I do would be a feeling I hope to experience someday. Next would be to score a 180 in any category. A 180 is a perfect score in BBQ  like a 300 game in bowling or a hole in one in golf. To BBQ a entry and have it be judged perfect would be another great feeling. I know I have to keep working  on my skills before either one of these can become a reality.

Next on the list is to go to the biggest contest's in the BBQ world. On that list is the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. This is a huge contest with 100's of team from all over the country. Getting a call at this contest is like winning a playoff game in any other sport, and something that can never be taken away from you. The other big contest is the "Jack" this a contest at Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee. Everyone wants to cook at the "JACK"  Then next is not so much do I want to cook in this but I hope to go and see "Memphis in May" This is a contest that is like the Indy 500 or the Kentucky Derby. This is a event that teams spend all year getting ready to cook. They have big time sponsors and it's as much a party as a BBQ contest. It's still a BBQ competition  and a win here make's you a very special  BBQ Pit Master. Winning here is how a lot of careers are made, it marks you the Best of the Best.

So as you can see I have some big time goals on my BBQ bucket list. I'm not sure how many I'll achieve. I hope to at least attend the big contests and I'll be doing my best to get my personal goals and all the practice is still some good eating while I work to get that 180 score and the Grand Championship.