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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Review Of Products I Use

Well folks; today I decided to talk about the products I use. I will give a review on each one and tell you why I like them. This is not going to be  a slam of any of these products because after years of using different products these are the ones that have found a spot in my arsenal.

The first one I'll talk about is the Weber Kettle, this is the pit that I started to use when I first got serious about BBQ. What better statement I can make about Weber Kettles is this is my second in almost 30 years. The first one I gave to my son or I'm sure I would still be using it. I have the  the Platinum model it has a side table that is very handy. This kettle can be used as a grill or you can control the heat for the low and slow smoking. As far as I'm concerned if you only have room for one pit get a Weber they last for years.

Next, is my gas grill. I have a Jenn Air that my wife got me for Fathers day 6 years ago. It's not the cheapest grill on the market but after 6 years it still is working and I haven't had to spend a dime on it. It works great for when I just want to grill some steaks or brats. It has it's place but I'm really a Charcoal guy.

Next is the Ugly Drum,this has a special place in my heart because I made it with my own hands. The Ugly drum smokers are a super piece of equipment, that can be made in a afternoon for under a $100.00. It is fuel efficient and has a simple learning curve. I love my Ugly Drum

Tomorrow we will cover the rest of my stuff from rubs, sauces, grill grates, tongs and the brand of charcoal I use.