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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Propane versus Charcoal

Well folks; today I will enter the debate between propane and charcoal. There are a lot of people making BBQ that believe you can't make true BBQ on a propane grill.  The users of  the propane are just as sure that they can cook great BBQ on their gas grill. I'm of the belief that true BBQ come from meat smoked over a bed of hot coals with wood added for that smoke flavor.

Now that's not to say I haven't fired up my gas grill and made some steaks or burgers that were quite good and everyone went home happy and full. It's just that to get the true BBQ flavor I'm looking for I found that I can only achieve it when cooking with charcoal. I have never been able to get that great smoke flavor using a gas grill.

 Let me tell you I have tried, because to be honest it is very easy to just to turn on the gas and quickly light the gas burners to heat up the grill and get ready to cook. With charcoal you have to clean up the leftover ash from the last cook add fresh charcoal and light a chimney and wait for them to ash over before you can get the meat on the grill.

 A special note..... NEVER USE LIGHTER FLUID!!!! only light your charcoal with a chimney, it's not hard and you will not be taking a chance of your food tasting like lighter fluid. I'm also not a fan of that Match light stuff either. Don't use it, never will.

So the bottom line for me is if you're looking to make real BBQ, the only way to make it is over a charcoal fire using some MOJO Bricks for that nice smoked flavor. You gas grill lovers are welcome to your opinion and I'm sure you have made some very good food on a gas grill. It's just not BBQ. That may be why KCBS does not allow propane at any of their contest. Gas Grill is for grilling. BBQ requires a bed of coals and some wood.

Now there are some that also believe that even using charcoal isn't true BBQ. They believe that True BBQ can only be done using wood logs. So the debate goes on. The best part is no matter what method you use if the finished product is good food, you have met your goal.