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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Products I use Part 2

Well folks; today I'll talk about the other products I use to create BBQ. l'll talk about the rubs I'm using this is a always expanding list because you never know when you will find that perfect combo of flavors that just works perfect with your BBQ. The rub that I'm really fond of right now is Drapers AP rub. This is a all purpose rub that works well with pork,beef and chicken. I have even used it on vegetables. Next on the list will be Plow Boys Yardbird rub this is good on both chicken and pork. They also make Bovine Bold that is for beef. Both of these rubs are popular with a lot of competition BBQ teams. The last one I'll talk about is Dizzy Pig Rubs, I've used Dizzy Dust  and have had good results, the other rub of theirs that I have been using is Pineapple Head,this is a sweet rub that goes well with vegetables and any where that you want to add a little sweetness. Dizzy Pig has different flavors of rubs to try. It's kind of fun sometimes to experiment with different rubs you never know it may make for some good eating.

Now let talk sauces, again Drapers BBQ sauce is becoming a favorite, this sauce is from a small company in Kentucky that has been getting great results at BBQ contest around the south. I'm going to see how it will be received  here in  the St Louis Area. Another sauce that is popular in this area is Blues Hog. I have gotten good results  using the original mixed with their Tennessee Red. The Original is a sweet sauce when I mix it with the Tennessee Red that has a spicy pepper flavor it seems to be what the judges have been liking in this area. Next is Sweet Baby Ray's a lot of guys like this and it is a backyard BBQ'rs go to sauce. For a mass produced sauce it's not a bad choice. Then last but not least,a St Louis staple, Maull's I grew up with this sauce from childhood. My Dad used it,so this sauce will always have a spot on my shelf. Good enough for my Dad it good enough for me to keep using.

Now lets talk wood,as most you may know, I am a distributor of the MOJO Bricks. I got involved with this company, after using their product and finding that it does everything that  they said it will do. It really does burn hotter, longer,and with a more intense smoke. So for me it MOJO Bricks for smoke flavor that makes award winning BBQ.

As for Charcoal, I only use Kingsford in the blue bag. I have tried other brands nothing can replace the quality I get from Kingsford.

As for thermometer I won a Thermapen, I'm glad I won it because it is not the cheapest thing in my bag of goody's but it is my favorite gadget. I really don't know how I got along without it. Buy one they last for years and you will use it more than you know. You will grill perfect steaks and not have to worry about over or under cooking chicken again.

The last thing I'll talk about is Grill Grates. Like the Thermapen, I won a set of these. These are grates that you place on top of your grill. They work great and they will give your steaks and chops those nice grill marks that you get when you order a fine steak at a steakhouse. They also work great on a gas grill,don't ask me how but they prevent flare ups that sometimes can be a problem on gas grills.

That's it, next time we talk I'll be cooking something.