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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trash Can Potato's

Well Folks: Today let's do potato's a little different, but still using the grill to make a potato dish that we like quite a bit. These are called Trash Can Potato's. I use a aluminum pie pan when I make these, but you can do this with sheets of aluminum foil. To make this side dish you will need.

Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty is  best
3 to 4 medium size Yukon Gold Potato's sliced
1 Medium size onion sliced
2 Tbs Basil
1/2  Stick Butter
6 - 7  Button Mushrooms sliced in half

After peeling and slicing the potato's and onion layer them either on a sheet of aluminum foil or in a pie pan. Add the Basil and put the mushrooms around the top of the potato's. Now top everything with pads of the butter. You want to wrap everything tightly and place on the grill. Place on the cool side of the grill that has been set up for a indirect fire.

After about a hour check the potato's to see if they are tender, sometime depending of how hot your fire is,it may take a little longer than a hour. These are real good as a change up from potato salad and baked potato's and they go well with any BBQ dish that you are grilling up.

Next. Lets talk Fish