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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potato Wedges,Onions and Asparagus Spears

Well Folks: Today it won't take very long to write this post, because it so easy and quick to make these side dishes. That's Potato Wedges, Onions, and Asparagus Spears on the grill.  The the potato's are pretty straight forward you just use a Russet Baking Potato or a Yukon Gold, slicing in half length wise and then slicing the halves in half creating a wedge. Coat the wedges with some olive oil and lightly season, I like Country Bob's seasoning salt. Put the wedges on the grill set up indirect with the potato's on the cool side. Let these cook until tender turning ever 10 minutes to get a nice crust on both sides.

Grilling Asparagus Spears,is also very easy to do. First you will want to snap off the bottom of the stem. This is done by snapping the stem at it's natural breaking point. After getting spears ready you can put them in a plastic bag and add some olive oil to coat the spears. After coating the spears, season lightly with some Country Bob's seasoning salt. Put these on the grill with the potato's and grill till tender. I love these, I can eat them just like french fires.

Last if you want some Onions to go with that Cheeseburger you just grilled, I like to take a nice sweet onion and slice them  in thick slices and coat the slices with olive oil or a pad of butter and grill until tender, These need to be turned a couple of times and remove when tender.

 When doing these you will want to use some MOJO  Cherry smoking cubes, to give them a light smoke flavor. All in all not too tough and everything will complement the Cheeseburgers, or anything else you choose to grill.

Tomorrow, How to set up the grill, for a low and slow cook.