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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kettle Fried Chicken aka KFC

Well Folks: I said I was going to tell you how to do fried chicken on the grill, and today is the day. I have been doing some research on how to do this on the BBQ Brethren Forum. After reading a lot of posts, I finally came up with a way to do some finger licking chicken. This really isn't to hard to do, and it definitely takes fried chicken to a flavor profile you haven't had before. I promise when you do this for your friends and family, they will think you have lost your mind until they taste the first piece. Then they won't want chicken done any other way. So let's make some KFC, to make this you will need.

1 Whole Chicken cut up into pieces
1 cup Milk
1 Egg
1 Bag Chicken Breading ( I used Andy's Spicy Chicken Breading)
can of cooking spray ( I used Pam for baking)

Take the chicken and rinse it in cold water and pat dry. Take the cup of milk and the egg mix together. Take the breading and place in another pan. Place the chicken in the milk and egg mixture to coat. Next dredge the chicken in the breading. Now place the chicken in the milk mixture again and dredge again in the breading.  After coating all the chicken twice set aside for 30 minutes.

Now while the chicken is resting, it's time to set up the kettle for indirect cooking. You want a nice fire started and the grill temp up toward 375 to 400 degrees. I used some MOJO Hickory and Cherry for smoke a half a cube of each is plenty.

After the fire has gotten started and the grill is up to temp. time to put the chicken on the grill. I placed the larger breast pieces closest to the coals, and then place the legs and wings further from the hot coals.  Spray the chicken with a light coat of the cooking spray, then close the lid. After about 30 minutes turn the chicken and add  another light coat of cooking spray. Continue to cook the chicken for another 15 minutes, now turn the chicken for the last time and spray the chicken with cooking spray any where the coating looks dry.

After the chicken has been on the grill for 45 minutes, check the smaller pieces for temperature. You are looking for 165 degrees the wings and legs will get done first, and you can remove and cover to hold until the other pieces get done. Keep a eye on the chicken and add a light coating of cooking spray any where the breading looks to be drying out.

After all the chicken has reached 165 degrees you have a fine bucket of KFC. I urge you to try this and I'll bet you will find this to be some of the best Fried Chicken you've every eaten.

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