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Friday, March 2, 2012

Building a Fire, for Low and Slow

Well Folks: Today I'll talk about how to build a fire for a Low and Slow cook. I want to cover this because when we talk about Smoking a Pork Butt or a Beef Brisket both take hours to reach perfection. So building a fire that can burn and maintain temperatures for a long smoke  makes your life easier. The best way to do this by the Minion Method.

So lets build this Minion Method fire. It's really pretty simple, if you're using a Ugly Drum or a Weber Smoky Mountain. You will start by putting the charcoal into the basket, with a couple of chunks of MOJO smoking cubes for flavor.You will want to put plenty in the basket because you are going to be cooking a long time. Next with a chimney starter you will start about a half a chimney of coals, after these have gotten red hot you will add them to the unlit coals. I like adding them to the center of the basket. Close the lid and let the pit get up to temp. it is easier to  get control of the fire as its going up than trying to get control after it has gotten too hot. Remember control the temps by closing the inlet for air with the top vent wide open. After about a half a hour you should have the fire dialed in, this is when you will put your meat on the grill and close lid. A remote thermometer is almost a must for this type of cook because you don't want to be opening the lid a lot during a long smoke.. Remember "If you're looking, you ain't cooking"

Now if you're using a kettle type grill you will put the coals around the outside ring of the kettle and adding  lit coals to one end. This will start the fire slowly on one end and it will burn itself around the whole kettle. With this set up you will put the meat in the center with a drip pan underneath the Pork Butt or the Beef Brisket.  Again controlling the temps by closing the inlets,with the top vent wide open.

I hope that was clear  if you have any question send me a email or add a comment. And please pass this blog on to your friends. Also click on my sponsors links it helps me continue to write this blog.

Next week Pork Butt