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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Step #2, Let's Smoke some Ribs

Well Folks: Let cook some Rib's today, There is two schools of thought when it comes to BBQ. Low and Slow and Hot and Fast. The low and slow method is when you keep the pit at 225 degrees or less and cook your meat  for a long slow period over smoking wood. The other method is called Hot and Fast, that is when you run  the cooker above 275 up to 300 degrees again with some smoking wood. I cook using the Hot and Fast method. I find I get just as good results and I get to eat faster. So today I will describe  how I smoke my Ribs using  the Hot and Fast Method.

So for the Hot and Fast method I will use what is called the 2-1-1 cook. That's 2 hours in the smoke 1 hour in foil, then finished with sauce. On a grill set up to cook indirect with top vent wide open and closing the bottom vent to maintain a temperature at between 275 and 300 degrees,adding some cherry wood chunks or the wood that you prefer, some of you may prefer apple or even Hickory. Be careful with the hickory you don't want to over smoke.Now put your seasoned ribs on the cool side of the grill, meat side up,and close the lid. After a 1/2 hour turn your ribs and and spritz the ribs with some apple juice and close the lid. You want to do this as quickly as you can with the lid off, so you don't lose too much heat. Remembering if your looking you ain't cook'n. Turn every half hour and spritz each time for a total of two hours.

Now for the next stage you will want to have some heavy duty aluminum foil ready,with enough foil to wrap each slabs of ribs. Laying the ribs on the Aluminum foil with about a 1/4 cup of apple juice for liquid. If you are doing competition  ribs this is when you would top the ribs with some Brown sugar and some honey and some more BBQ rub. Wrap the rack tightly and return to the grill still on the cool side. If you are doing these in the back yard you can add a little more rub if you want,skipping adding the Brown sugar and the honey. This is where you will have to experiment, and find the way you and the family like their ribs. Leaving the lid closed for the next hour.

After an hour you will take the Ribs off the grill and remove them from the foil. These ribs now have 2 hours of smoke and now after foiling for  hour they should be very tender, and have a nice pull back from the bone. Return the ribs to the grill and they will start to firm back up again, at this time you may want to add a dusting of rub and close the lid for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes brush the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce and close the lid, after 15 minutes turn the ribs and add some sauce to the other side. Repeat one more time adding a light coat of sauce each time.

What you have now, are ribs that are tender and have a nice smoked flavor and a tasty layer of sauce.
Let these rest for about 15 minutes then slicing between the bones serve these up to the family. Watch out for flying bones as these will soon disappear as the family keep reaching for more.

Tomorrow a little more about sauces and the rib spritz, and how Baby Backs ribs are cooked a little bit different.