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Monday, February 27, 2012

St Louis getting it's MOJO ON!!!!

Well Folks: I wrote Friday that today I would have some exciting news. I am  happy to say I have been able to secure the ability to distribute MOJO Bricks in the St Louis and Missouri market. I have joined with Inventory Sales Company in St Louis to warehouse the product, and I will be selling the product to local retailers.

MOJO Bricks are a Eco friendly product that uses sawdust and wood shavings formed into a cube that burns hotter and longer than natural wood chunks. There are no filler or binders in the cubes, it is held together using the woods natural polymers. They produce a very intense smoke that requires less product than natural wood. They are available in Oak, Hickory, and Cherry.

I have been using MOJO Bricks for the last month when I BBQ and I have found they do everything that they proclaim to do. It is a GREAT product and I'm sure once you try them you will agree, and understand why some major Competition BBQ teams are using them to produce award winning BBQ.

So where do you get them?  By the end of the week you will find them at Ozark Pool and Spa  at 5220 HWY 100 Washington MO and, Scheer Lawn and Landscape at 477 WW Industrial Park Dr, Washington Mo. They will also be at St. Louis Home Fires at 15053 Manchester Rd. Ballwin Mo.

I need you to ask for them at the store where you buy your BBQ supplies and tell them to call me at 314-306-4899 so they can be selling this new and exciting product. If all else fails, call me direct and I will call on them so they can carry MOJO Bricks on their shelves. So give them a try and I'm sure you too will be a fan. If you aren't in the St Louis area call me direct at 314-306-4899 and I will make sure you get some of this exciting product.

Take a look at to learn more about why you should be using MOJO Bricks when you BBQ.

Tomorrow, Lets talk "EGGS" that right eggs on the grill.