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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spices and Rubs

Well Folks: Today I'll talk about something that I'm still trying to get a grip on myself. That's Spices, Rubs, and Marinades. All these will add layers of flavors to your BBQ. Sometimes all a good steak needs is some salt and pepper and grill it on a nice hot grill to Med Rare, and you will have a perfect meal. There are other meats that will require some time in a marinade overnight, then rubbed down with a flavorful rub, before you put them on a smoker for hours over hot coals and wood chunks to achieve that same perfect meal.

 Then there Chicken and Fish, these need just a little seasoning and some time on medium heat,  and you can have a super flavorful meal. I find with Poultry and fish the most important rule is being sure not to overcook and dry them out. Poultry can really benefit from brineing and marinades. Something as simple as a  marinade of Italian salad dressing can make a chicken breast a meal to remember.

So I guess what I'm saying is as we travel this road trying to create Great BBQ. I will be describing each Rub and Seasoning  combo's I use when I BBQ. I will tell you the brand of seasoning  and the rubs that I use, not so much to promote them,but I want you to be able to do the same thing in your backyard.. Now if there is some spice company  reading this, I'll be glad to try your spice or rub and promote them for a small fee. :)

So get ready, I'll be doing some cooks in the future that we will use, Marinades, Brines, and Rubs. Sometimes they will produce great BBQ, and I'm sure I'll try something and produce something less than perfect BBQ. I just  promise, as I learn so will you. So saddle up, the weather is getting better and it will be easier to get outside and cook  up some Great BBQ.

As always thanks for reading my blog, and pass it along to your friends. And send me any questions  you might have.

Tomorrow,Chicken Breast