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Monday, February 6, 2012


Well Folks: I said this week we would talk about RIBS. This is my favorite thing to BBQ, and it's why I got into making BBQ many years ago. When ribs are done right there is nothing better than sitting down and eating some tender fall off the bone, perfectly smoked ribs, and looking at a plate of bare bones saying "DAMN THOSE WERE GOOD!"

So let me start by telling you a few things I have learned over the years, and what I have learned by cooking in BBQ contests. The first thing is competition Ribs are different than what most people make in their backyard, and even what you will get at a BBQ restaurant. Competition Ribs are made to WOW the judges with only one bite. Truth is, most competitive BBQ Pit Masters don't like the ribs they turn in to the judges, and when they cook for them self they will cook them differently. That is because the Ribs at a contest are seasoned and sometime sweetened so much that if you ate more than a bite or two you would get sick. They are so rich, kind of like fudge, a small piece is fine, but you don't want to eat a pan full, or you will have a belly ache. I'll tell what is popular on the BBQ circuit, and how to take it down a notch so you can enjoy a plate full of tender bone sucking ribs in your back yard.

So this week I will go into how I make my Ribs, and the different cuts of Ribs, from Baby Backs, to Spare Ribs, and how to make your own St Louis style Ribs and save some money. Heck we may even talk about Country Style Ribs and how to make them one of your families favorite.

So come on back tomorrow and we will start with Spare Ribs / St Louis Style Ribs.