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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ribs Step One

Well Folks : Today I will start to tell you how I make my Ribs, both Contest Ribs and backyard Ribs. This going to be a very detailed post so rather than bore you with a super long post. I will divide this into two different post finishing up tomorrow.

When go to buy the Ribs you are looking for a rack that has bones that are running straight, with some fat  on the rack.  The straight bones are more important if you are in a contest than if you are cooking in the backyard. If you are entered in a contest get picky about your selection of Ribs. Appearance counts, and can make the differences between getting a call and a check, or going home empty handed

Most of the time I use Spare Ribs cut St Louis Style so that is what we will talk about today. St Louis style is Reg. Spare ribs cut square by finding the longest rib and slicing straight down the length of the slab to square up the slab so basically the ribs are all the same length. You can buy the ribs already cut this style but I have taught myself how to make the Reg. Spares  St Louis Style so I can save some money. I use the trimmed piece as the Pit Masters treats, or to season my Baked Beans.

Now no matter the style of ribs you use the first thing you need to do is remove the membrane off the back of the slab. With a little practice you can do this rather easily with a butter knife to loosen the membrane and pulling off with a paper towel. You can ask your butcher to do this if you have too, also get your butcher to show you how you can do this yourself.( Side note: If your butcher won't do this and teach you how to do this yourself, FIND A DIFFERENT BUTCHER)  Now after the membrane has been removed it's time to season the ribs. Time to get some Yellow Mustard and slather yellow mustard on both side of the slab. The mustard does two things, the vinegar in the mustard starts to break down the meat and it also acts as a binder to hold the rub on the ribs. Trust me you won't taste the mustard in the final product. After applying the mustard it's time to rub the ribs with your favorite BBQ Rub. I'm using Plow Boys Yardbird, or Dizzy Pigs "Dizzy Dust" you can also make your own rub, or buy a rub that you like the flavor profile . Rubs are a personal choice to each Pit Master, so find something you like and don't be afraid to try something different.

That's enough for today, tomorrow we'll get these rib on the grill and finish them up to Tender, Bone Sucking Goodness.