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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Places I go to Learn

Well Folks: I was trying to think of something to write about today. I was having a hard time to come up with something because it's been raining and cold all day. Not real good weather to be outside and firing up the grill. The cold I can handle, but when you mix in the rain, it's just seem like the best move is stay inside, and wait for better weather.

So I'll tell you about the web sites I go to when I'm looking to learn something new about BBQ. I have found  that no matter how much I think I know about BBQ, I learn something new almost every week. Most of the time it's something small that someone is doing that is different than what I have been doing. That one thing may be the difference that will make my BBQ a little better, add to my flavor profile, so the judges will score me better. The differences  between winning and finishing out of the money can be less than a point. So you can never quit looking and practicing to get your BBQ better. I tell people Ozzie Smith took ground balls every day, even when he was the best shortstop in baseball. You can always work at your game and try to get better.

One  of the sites I like to visit is "The BBQ Brethren Forum". This site has lots of info. and you will find them very willing to share their knowledge. Another great site is "Major League Grilling" this is my BBQ buddy Arthur's site and he's  like me in that  we both use backyard  BBQ grills and do  pretty well cooking in contest against the guys with the Thousand dollar smokers. Also Arthur takes better pictures than I do and is good with explaining his recipes. A lot of his grilling has a Mexican flair.  Then there "Patiodaddiobbq" this site is the work of John Dawson from Idaho, and I got my recipe for Rattle Snake Tails from here. The Rattle Snakes Tails are responsible for my first win in a contest. Check it out, lots of recipes and reviews all well presented.

Now that I told you about these sites, don't go and forget to keep coming back here and check out what I'm doing. I'll keep cooking and passing along everything I learn in my journey in becoming a better Pit Master. Feel free to pass along anything you're doing that works or ask me a question. Together we all can learn along the way.

Tomorrow, Spatchcock Chicken