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Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting a Little Edgy

Well folks, you want to know how Competitive BBQ can get in your blood. Tomorrow I'm going to go The Freeze Q Contest, held by SLBS at the Highway 61 Roadhouse in Webster Groves. Meeting up with the Mad Moose BBQ team out of Steelville Mo. to check things out and have a couple of beers. Then I'll head home and start to load up the truck for the 5th  Annual Pork Steak Cook Off  in Pacific Mo. on Sunday. It will be my first contest of 2012 and to be honest, I always get a little nervous before a contest, and this time is no different. Starting to get everything set in my mind as far as time lines and any changes I might make to try to set myself apart from the other teams. You have to write everything down, from what time you set up your site to when you season the meat,to when to put the meat on the cooker. I even have a timeline for what temperatures I will foil the steaks, and when I'll add the sauce. Every step of the cook all the way to the turn in to the judges. Sounds silly to some I know, but hearing your name called at the end the contest  makes it worth the effort.

The other reason I'm a little on edge for Sunday, is this is the first time I'll cook solo. My Brother in-law and Son aren't able to come and help this time. These contest are fun to share with others. So if any of you get a chance, stop by and say HI.