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Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Easy Dinner

Well folks, I said I would tell you how I use my gear to cook up some great food. So after yesterday's BBQ contest, the wife and I wasn't up to eating BBQ today, so I decided to use the Char-Broil Big Easy. This cooker is advertised as a oil less Turkey Fryer. Let me tell you, it is able to do a lot more than Turkey at Thanksgiving. I use this cooker year round with great results.

So I went to the market and picked up a 2lb Hormel Pork Loin marinated with garlic and onion. This Pork Loin is great when you want a quick meal. I also got some russet potato's. The Big Easy is a baked potato machine. When I got home I rubbed the potato's with olive oil and lightly coated with Kosher Salt. The Big Easy cooking basket is made so you can layer the food to cook. I put the pork loin on the bottom then added a shelf and put the potato's over the loin. Now all you do is light the Big Easy and insert the basket into the cooking chamber.

After cooking for a hour, I checked the Potato's with a probe and they probed tender and done. Next I checked the temperature of the pork loin, and it was at 160 degrees, PERFECT.  Now all I had to do was let the Pork rest for 10 minutes and slice. While I was slaving away cooking dinner on the Big Easy, my wife was making the veggies to finish the meal. All done in a hour and it was fantastic.